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Jetfinx Services coming with the solution for the Mobile Service & Protection to Customer at his Door steps & to Save the time of customer and to offer our bundle pack plan for their mobile handset with no extra cost & No paperwork.As we have a highly Qualified team to handle the needs of customer and to give the best satisfied service to customer and Market.

A Consumer Durable Loan is an easy financing option that is made available for the purchase of durable items. The purchases with a consumer durable loan can be related to an individual’s home, lifestyle or to any household and electronic item.

This loan is helpful to people, who face a credit crunch after buying a new home. With the consumer durable loans, one can easily furnish his or her new home with any household necessities including new appliances like microwave, refrigerator, or a washing machine amongst others. With this financing option, people do not need to save money to buy their dream products. Thus, consumer durable finance adds more to your life by making your life more comfortable and luxurious.

Easy approvals with minimum down payment Low processing fees and affordable interest rates No security required to keep at stake Minimum Documentation Easy Foreclosure Available for a tenure of 3 to 6 months

Eligibility Criteria for a Durable Loan
Our Commitment

Smartphone & Home Appliances Consultancy for choosing best phone for you. We at Jetfinx Services commit you to insure your valuable handset with price value and even if make & Model is not well known still we will help you out.

Care for Customers

We at Jetfinx Services taking great care for each and every customer of us as well as the handset too. Paper less & No extra cost ,the handset is repaired with Pickup & Drop facility All handset is repaired from Authorized Service Centre.

Value for Money

We provides Services having a concept to protect your handset at very affordable price Our promise you to provide you the best protection plan with very less amount in India. Create real value for customer goods, feel free to get in touch always.

Mobile Loan

One of the most bought and popular consumer durable products is mobile. Considering this fact, various banks and lenders have launched a separate loan product known as mobile loan. Nowadays, every month a new smartphone is launched, trends are changing like the speed of a bullet.

Staying upgraded has become essential in today’s tech savvy world, that’s why a mobile phone loan is one of the best options for anyone to get their hands on the latest technology and show-off their new cool gadget to neighbours and friends. With instant mobile loan, you can easily get your hands on the top end device and upgrade your lifestyle. One can apply for a mobile loan online. Various lenders provide the option of application through their website.

Lenders for Consumer Durable Loans

A lot of lenders provide consumer durable loans. Many banks have tie-ups with selected merchandise, to avoid frauds and misuse of funds. However, there are some leading banks or consumer durable loan companies that provide this type of loans. Although, the blueprint for the consumer durable loan is the same for all these banks, yet they have their protocols which may differ a bit for borrowers.

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